An Unfinished Story of 'CHIRAG ROY'…

We are townish human beings. More or less we love nature but from outside of the invisible boundary. Our day’s diary is composed with the incantation of machine. But there are some lucky people who rejecting mechanical life; live near nature with a strange attraction between their minds and nature. They are too city-dwellers but they can not become tounish. They are also extremely worldly. May be they  come home with sweating body and happy face completing week’s all purchases at a time. But again they wend to nature for its hypnotizing attraction, they are mingled with wild nature, and create another family there under open sky and on the lap of nature. Loving the wild animals as their own children, they want to expose the unknown wild life before the universe.

Yes, I was telling about the nature-lovers. Specially I am now going to tell about a youth personality as a leader of those nature-lovers. A man who has left us forever few days ago incessantly loving nature and wild animals.  He is none but our Chirag Roy. Although his leaving memories are greatly meaningful to his family members, we also have had a lot of memories around him. He is alike our guardian. A man who can sacrifice his life loving nature, we have the right to know all about him.

Chirag Roy was born in India. Although Chirag Roy is not well familiar to the people of Bangladesh, he is a very known figure to a group of people of India. Chirag Roy is one of those people who give their labour for fulfilling their cherished dreams not to be familiar with the world. History may not remember them but they get their certain place in the heart of millions.


In 2013 he comes to Bangladesh for the first time. His communication between two Bengals is established from the beginning of setting the transmitter  in Boa with Bangladesh Python Project (BPP).

Chirag Roy worked as a tiger tourism guide in ‘Todoba-Andheri Tiger Reserve Forest’ in “Maharastra” state, which is 130 kilometers away from Nagpur, India. At working season he used to stay in India. He stayed in that tiger forest all day and all night hanging camera in his neck and wondered across the forest.


In rainy season, June to July, he came to his another country Bangladesh. Here he helped in many works of ‘Bangladesh Python Project’ as a consultant. How much love for works can inspire a man to do profitless works through the year-long is unimaginable until seeing the dedication of Chirag Roy.

সহধর্মীনির সাথে চিরাগ রয়
with his loving wife

Naturalist Chirag Roy was unique in inner and outer self. His life was fulfilled with love. May be he can be explained with the only word, Love. Loving his wife he married in 7 July 2015. Before meeting his first marriage-day Chirag Roy journeyed to an unknown world. But love has not been perished, will never be perished and it will live forever. He loved and worked with animals. He used to do awesome ‘Caricature’. Risking life he captured beautiful pictures and made wreath of his loving works. His Caricature, paintings, and photography had made with working area more animated, more easy.

        Artwork by Chirag Roy; 1st one is the caricature of his nearest friend Caesar

You who did not know about Chirag Roy have had some ideas about him already. Yes, he could associate with everyone easily. His smiling face, ability to think everything easily and his charming personality could easily arrest the attention of his fellow workmen as well as other people. The profession with which he was engaged in, he was to take risk, he was to take decision thinking properly and sometimes he was to take decision impromptu. In that time, as if he had taken the responsibility to inspire the whole team. Making good relationship with the aborigines is not an easy task but Chirag had great ability to attract them towards him. In the same way when he used to join various conferences he used to make good relationship with high professional person around the world. Aborigines or well educated men of the modern world whoever may be Chirag Roy could mix with them very friendly.

His friend Caesar and Scott funnily gave him a name. In Muron language it is called ‘Cluck’. This name is originated from a slow speeded animal. In rainy season Chirag, Caesar and Scott used to stay in hilly area of Bangladesh. Chirag was to suffer a lot to climb up the hill. He was always behind his friends while climbing and his friends funnily called him ‘Cluck’. Chirag used to laugh his as usual laughing.

At once in a hilly area after eating some maze some reddish scar was seen on the body of Chirag, it may be for allergy. Again, after some days later he came to that area the same scar was visible in his body. All friends called this area as “Khujli Para”. Chirag was attacked by fever because of biting of poison-less snake. Friends used to tell funnily ‘Chirag may die by snake-bite’. Listening all Chirag did nothing but laughed. Who knew Chirag’s death was written by the biting of snake !

12670163_965830463452284_6434294609554442729_n (1)
In 29th May, 1989 Chirag Roy was born in west-Bengal of India. The inhabitant of his forefather was in Mymensingh of Bangladesh. After the partition of the country, border was made between Bangladesh and India but there was no border of his mind. He is grown up in Nagpur of Kalkata. His school was in Darzeling. Growing up in the environment of boarding-school Chirag felt love for nature.

ছোট্ট চিরাগ তবলা বাজাচ্ছে !
baby Chirag is  playing Tabla !

Chirag Roy was graduated in Kalkata. After graduating Chirag Roy completed his diploma on Forestry without any hesitation. Chirag Roy was the only son of his parents. He got much love and affection from his family and so there was no obstruction upon him from his family in choosing his profession.

চিরাগ রয়-এর ক্যামেরায় বাঘের বিরল ছবির কিছু নমুনা!
some rare pictures of tiger, captured by Chirag Roy

Chirag Roy left the world prematurely. On March 1, 2016 at 12 pm Chirag Roy died by the biting of Cobra. His favorite profession took his life before being old. May be he is laughing from that unknown world or he might have wanted this type of death, who knows!

Chirag Roy had a dream that he will have a Tourism Company of his won. He wanted to decorate tourism company with his love. He was advancing accordingly. But his dream did not come true. He just started his dream journey before some days of his death.

When all was in tension in placing transmitter in the body of Boa, Chirag calmly proposed to enter the boy of Boa into the pipe, all problems solved. Recently in Vawal of Gazipur for Tortise Research Chirag Roy designed a map to advance the work. Like this Chrirag Roy has huge contribution in Bangladesh. Recently, in Chittagong hill tracts, getting the footprint of tiger; Caesar at first sends that picture to Chirag Roy. After primary research Chirag was very optimistic about this. On March 1, this exciting information was published in ‘Guardian Magazine’. After the last discussion on 29 February, Chirag Roy was not able to hear the good news.

When I was listening from Caesar about his friend’s memories, Caesar was stopping frequently. Sometimes he was standing up for taking tea, sometimes as if he was trying to find something in the lake. What he was doing was trying to hide the tear but in vain. May Chirag Roy live in this way forever in the heart of his near one and the heart of our..

তবু তিনি সবার মাঝে ফিরে ফিরে আসবেন বারবার। হৃদয়ের গোপন প্রকোষ্ঠে, মুখে সেই প্রাণোচ্ছ্বল হাসি ঝুলিয়ে হঠাৎ হঠাৎ উদীত হয়ে বলে বসবেন, 'I am back !'
however, he will come to us frequently with his whispering words ‘I am Back !’

Written by Farjana Halim Nirjon (in bengali)
Translated by Tareq Masum (in English)

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