Be The Green Teller is a popular form environmental web media in Bangladesh. The mission is to get you informed and improve your world. We concern about Environment, nature, wildlife, agriculture as a whole while dealing with various environmental issues. We believe, distribution of information in a systematic way which can be easily accessed by the mass people will surely help us in building a better world.

What We Seek

Environmentmove’s contributing Green Tellers are carefully selected based on a combination of talent, experience, and passion. We leave no stone un-turned, and every topic, be it controversial or not, is explored through a variety of lenses and perspectives.

Why Contribute For Us

With our wide variety of open-minded content, environmentmove allows our writers’ voices to be heard by using writing as an outlet for their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Getting published on places your content in front of Thousands of readers monthly who visit our website, as well those on our many social media platforms.

You Have:

  • An Enthusiastic and voluntary mind about environment-nature-wildlife and agriculture.
  • Basic writing skills.
  • A good sense about the environmental issues
  • Proficient in English (English contents development)
  • A good graphic designer (Required for visual contents development)


    1) Experience of working with enthusiastic team

    2) Opportunity of participating in various environmental events.

    3) Network of environmental and wildlife experts

    4) Certificate of experience

If you think,  you have what it takes to be a GREEN TELLER  Drop your CV


Contact us: +8801932-697734

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